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WorkSight Success Stories

Recently an Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) in the SE Region began generating JDLink Alerts for both high coolant and charge air temperatures. Brian Truitt, Machine Monitoring Specialist immediately began to perform Remote Diagnostics to see if he could isolate the issue. Brian also reached out to Patrick Duffy, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) and suggested that he contact the customer to ensure they were aware of the situation.

Patrick reached out to the customer who had just made the decision to remove the machine from its regular operations tasks and assign it to a job that was less demanding in the hopes of stopping the issues impacting the machine. Brian utilized Remote Diagnostics to set a series of recording triggers on the ADT so that if the machine should experience additional issues a series of automated diagnostic tests would be performed to narrow down the potential issues.

In the meantime the customer moved a second ADT to the site which immediately began experiencing similar issues as the first truck. Brian quickly established a Remote Diagnostic connection with the second ADT and set a series of recording triggers.

Brian and Patrick reviewed the data from both trucks and quickly realized that a lack of sufficient operator training was creating a scenario that allowed the trucks to experience overheating issues caused by improper operating techniques. Patrick reviewed the findings with the customer and they agreed to have Patrick come to the site to review proper operation and maintenance procedures with the operators.

The customer was ecstatic that Nortrax was able to isolate the issues utilizing advanced technologies and make informed recommendations which reduced downtime and unnecessary service calls.

Our MMS and PSTR technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customers problem, is preventing it in the first place.We Stand Ready.