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WorkSight Success Stories
Sugar Sweet Success

Tracey Scott, Territory Manager for the Fort Myers, FL location, knows a thing or two about the importance of hard work and persistence. After a 20 year dry spell of no John Deere equipment purchases from one large customer, US Sugar Corporation, Tracy and the Nortrax team secured the sale of a package of six machines. This package included a 250G long front excavator, (2) 644K wheel loaders and (3) 470G excavators for use at their sugar manufacturing plant in Clewiston, FL. John Deere’s telematics platform, JDLink™, was one of the major selling features that helped secure this deal. Through the effective use of JDLink they have been relying on Nortrax maintaining the equipment thru the customers two-year lease period.

Tracy partnered with Tom Alborn, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) to ensure that their entire organization was tied into JDLink. Tom spent time training employees and setting up all the specific requirements for US Sugar.

Another group in US Sugar, the Operation Support Division, is tasked with cleaning over 3,000 miles of ditch in their sugar cane fields each year. To perform this task, US Sugar relies on a fleet of excavators. This year Nortrax had an opportunity to quote six (6) JD 130G excavators equipped with 8 foot ditching buckets against their usual vendor…Caterpillar. US Sugar owns/leases about 60 Caterpillar machines. A dozen or more of their Caterpillars have the Product Link telematics system, however, in a recent spot-check, only six of these machines were reporting (with data that was marginally effective as a management tool).

Since both brands of excavators had similar prices and features, Nortrax suggested showing them the full power of our telematics suite by enabling their operations manager to view their current Deere machines working in the other divisions. Tracy and Tom set up a training session and showed them everything Nortrax had been doing though JDLink with their other division in the past year and let him have some handson time with the system.

Nortrax recently won the deal and last month delivered six new JD 130G excavators to US Sugar. The combination of the power of JDLink telematics and the TM’s and PSTR’s working closely together, clearly made for another win for US Sugar, Nortrax and John Deere!