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WorkSight Success Stories
Jim amazes customer by utilizing
remote diagnostics and programming.

Jim Bell, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) for Nortrax operations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin, recently had an opportunity to demonstrate the power of an industry exclusive technology feature available on many John Deere machines.

Jim received a call late one night from a customer who runs two production class loaders, operating 20 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s superintendent reported that one machine was generating miscellaneous fault codes and he was concerned about potential downtime.

The superintendent said his mechanics believed the problems were related to an issue with the machine’s electrical system, but they were unsure on how to proceed. The superintendent hoped Jim could assist in scheduling an “emergency” service call, since Christmas was fast approaching.

While on the phone, Jim pulled up the machine in JDLink™ (John Deere’s telematics platform) and observed that there were multiple fault codes for various electrical components on the machine. It became apparent to Jim that these issues all seemed to be related to one of the main electrical controllers on the machine.

While they continued to discuss the problem, Jim utilized his laptop and determined that there was a new software package available from Deere that could potentially remove the “bugs” the machines electrical system was experiencing. Jim immediately utilized John Deere’s industry exclusive feature, Remote Diagnostics and Programming, to send a software update to the machine via the onboard JDLink’s unit cellular connection.

Jim explained to the superintendent the process that would have to be followed onboard the machine to download and install the software updates. He also emailed a detailed stepby- step procedure which had been developed by one of the Nortrax Machine Monitoring Specialists (MMS).

Jim followed up with the customer the next morning. They reported that the remote programming had worked and removed the software “bugs” and the machine was now operating normally. The customer was amazed that John Deere had technology in their machines to allow this problem to be fi xed without downtime or an expensive service call.

Shortly thereafter, Jim received a call from the company’s training coordinator asking Jim to schedule a live demo of JDLink to their management team and emphasize its ability to allow Nortrax to employ Remote Diagnostics and Programming to reduce or eliminate unscheduled downtime.

Our MMS and PSTR technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfi lling than solving a customers problem, is preventing it in the fi rst place. We Stand Ready.