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WorkSight Success Stories

Today’s equipment owners and operators are faced with many challenges, including weather, tight deadlines, and increasingly complex mechanical systems. Sometimes, even the most seasoned operators can miss subtle changes in the machines operation, and are then unaware of potential looming problems. Fortunately, JDLink™ can be configured to automatically send email or text messages to its users, to notify them if it detects a machine abnormality. It was just this feature that alerted a customer’s Maintenance Planner of possible machine problems on one of their John Deere graders. So even though the owner had NOT received any complaints from his machine’s operator, he decided not to take any chances, and reach out to his local Nortrax branch for support.

“It was late in the day when I got the call asking for help to look into some JDLink alerts,” said Chris Brousseau, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Timmins, Ontario. Chris huddled with Shop Foreman, Andre Champagne, to review the information that JDLink had delivered. “As we looked at the data we could actually see that there were multiple problems impacting the machine, the most serious one had the potential to put the machine down,” explained Chris.

Issues with an engine’s emissions control system, which is what JDLink was showing, can cause not only poor performance, but if left unresolved, machine downtime. “With Andre’s expertise we were able to determine a list of parts we’d need to address three separate issues that the machine was currently alerting us about,” said Chris. A Nortrax service technician was dispatched to the machine with the right information and parts and quickly resolved the issues in a single service call.

The customer was very impressed with the efforts and quick response by the Timmins team to ensure his machine had a minimal amount of downtime. “Our customers don’t judge us by their problems, but how we respond to them,” concluded Chris. We Stand Ready.