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WorkSight Success Stories

Kurtis Graham, Product Support Representative (PSTR) based out of Barrie, Ontario, recently shared a WorkSight success story which involved a municipality he supports. This customer operates several pieces of John Deere equipment including a 544K loader, 772G Grader, and 410K Backhoe. Along with their John Deere machines, they also operate trucks of varying sizes and many smaller pieces of machinery, totaling over 100 units. With only two technicians on staff, it can be very challenging for this municipality to monitor and service such a large fleet.

During operation of their low-hour 410K Backhoe, the customer noted several Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) related to potential problems with the engines Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. The EGR system works to reduce harmful engine emissions in concert with other technologies designed into John Deere engines. Upon investigation, it was found that a part of the main electrical harness had rubbed through in several places, causing the EGR system to fail to work properly. A service call was scheduled and the wiring harness was replaced under warranty by Nortrax.

The machine operated normally for some time but then began to again trigger additional EGR DTC’s. Using JDLink ™, Kurtis was able to determine that a portion of the engines emissions control system appeared to have been manually disabled. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the operator had disabled this critical system, not understanding its importance. The systems functionality was restored and the operator retrained on its proper use.

Kurtis shared how appreciative the customer was that Nortrax was able to utilize remote technology to prevent costly downtime by eliminating something as “simple” as an incorrect operator input. “When it came time to renew the JDLink subscription on the 410K, that was one of the easiest sales I’ve made,” Kurtis chuckled.

What began as a problem, changed into an opportunity to demonstrate the value that Nortrax offers thru talented PSTR’s like Kurtis who routinely use industry leading technology tools to drive productivity, uptime, and lower daily operating expenses for our customers. We Stand Ready.