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WorkSight Success Stories

Owning and operating a construction company can sometimes be a stressful job, even when things are going smoothly. So imagine showing up to a jobsite, and finding one of the two machines that had been parked there is now missing. Well, that’s the situation recently faced by one of our Territory Manager (TM) Jack Shewan’s customers. “When he called me about the missing machine, we both were hoping it was some type of a mix-up, but I said I’d do some checking and then phone him back”, said Shewan.

Jack then reached out to Donna Adair; Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) based out of London, Ontario, and their Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), Cameron Maw. “We immediately used JDLink™ and a location history feature we have available thru John Deere to see the actual path the missing machine had recently taken,” added Donna.

By reviewing the location data, Donna and Cameron were able to determine the machine had been operated that day beginning at 3:00 a.m., and had been driven approximately 80 Kilometers from its original location. Then at approximately 7:00 a.m., the machine had been shut down in what appeared to be a field located in a remote location. Once that information was gathered, it was quickly shared with Jack, who immediately relayed it to his customer.

The customer was able to contact the local police department and they were able to confirm that the missing machine was indeed parked at the location identified by JDLink. “It was really a great feeling to know that we all worked as a team to help our customer locate and recov e r his machine” added Shewan.

JDLink allows users to receive PROACTIVE email or text message notifications, through a few simple steps in the web application. These notifications can be sent for mechanical issues, maintenance reminders, and features such as Geofence and Curfew. Geofence allows the user to place an electronic boundary (fence) around their machine. They can also elect to utilize a Curfew feature, which establishes the normal working hours for their machine. Should the machine move outside the Geofence boundary, or be started during the Curfew, the user can receive an almost immediate notification.

Through the use of powerful tools like JDLink, Nortrax is able to do even more than positively impact our customers’ productivity and uptime, and help lower their daily operating costs. We can also help reduce the chances of machine theft or unauthorized usage. We Stand Ready.