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WorkSight Success Stories

Jacob Kesanen, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) based out of Grand Rapids MN, supports a very diverse customer base spread over a large chunk of upper Midwest. Northern Minnesota is also home to a large sewer and water contractor with a total of nineteen John Deere machines, the majority of which are excavators. They are used for excavating trenches and installing new pipe. Since the company works all across the Midwest, the lone Equipment Superintendent is kept very busy handling responsibility for the large and very diverse fleet of several makes and models of highly specialized pipeline equipment.

Recently their John Deere 160GLC excavator began delivering Diagnostic Trouble Codes via JDLink™ that indicated a problem with an abnormally low engine cooling fan speed. The machine was operating in the middle of a downtown area of a city, so the potential for downtime had the Equipment Superintendent very concerned.

Jacob coordinated the repair with the Equipment Superintendent and the local Nortrax Field Service team. The Nortrax technician was able to bring the correct part to the jobsite and quickly install it to get the machine operating properly, all in a single trip, and without unscheduled downtime! The Equipment Superintendent was very impressed with the amount of information that Nortrax was able to access remotely on his machine, to get it operating correctly as rapidly as possible.

Jacob immediately partnered with his local Nortrax Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), Randy Kwapick, to perform remote diagnostics on the excavator, to determine what might be causing this issue. Randy was able to quickly connect remotely to the machine and perform a fan speed recording , which showed the fan was running at about half the speed the engine required. Utilizing the recording data, Randy was able to generate a Machine Health Prescription (MHP) that he immediately sent to Jacob. This exclusive MHP provides an overview of the machine problem, and a solution so the PSTR can effectively communicate this information to the customer. Additionally, the MHP contains detailed repair instructions and parts required, so the Nortrax Product Support teams can resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

This customer has come to rely on the Nortrax team to remotely monitor their connected machines for any signs of trouble. They also know these efforts help to reduce, and sometimes eliminate downtime and positively impacts their bottom line.