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WorkSight Success Stories
Late Night Investigative Work

When the owner of a Florida construction company received a curfew alert from JDLink™ late one evening he immediately became concerned about possible machine theft. JDLink offers customers the ability to not only set up an electronic “fence” (geofence) around their machines, but even allows for the machine to notify them if it’s started outside normal working hours. After calling several employees who had been working on that jobsite during the day, he called the police to report a possible theft. While the police were responding, the owner drove to the site to find that the machine was still there BUT the engine was warm to the touch. The machine is normally parked directly in front of the jobsite trailer, which holds many of the tools they utilize, and while it was still parked in its “normal” location he was worried it may have been moved to gain access to the trailer. The customer moved the machine and entered the trailer, and quickly discovered that a number of expensive tools were missing.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. the customer then called Patrick Duffy, Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR) from Orlando FL, and asked if he might be able to utilize JDLink to add any additional information. As police canvassed the area, Patrick quickly called Brian Truitt, Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS), to assist in using JDLink to determine what may have happened. As Brian and Patrick reviewed the data they were able to determine when the machine was started, and most importantly, who’s user code had been entered into the machine’s security system to start it.

Patrick provided these key pieces of information to the customer who quickly recognized the code as belonging to an employee who had been working on a totally different jobsite. When he called the employee he learned that he had driven to the jobsite, started the machine and moved it, removed the tools, and then repositioned it back in front of the trailer. And the best news of all…all of the tools were safely locked up in the job trailer on the other jobsite, where the employee had needed to use them. No “real” crime was committed.

The customer and the local police were impressed with the ability of JDLink to capture such detailed information and thanked Patrick and Brian for their late night investigative work. The owner commented to Patrick how this incident clearly demonstrated the need to be connected to his machines 24/7/365 using JDLink.

At Nortrax, our MMS and PSTR technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. We Stand Ready.