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WorkSight Success Stories

Randy Kwapick, Machine Monitoring Specialist (MMS) based out of Duluth MN, recently related a WorkSight success story that actually began during his tenure as a Product Support Technology Representative (PSTR).

Randy was on a forestry customer’s jobsite, talking to the operator of a John Deere forwarder. A forwarder is a machine designed to load and carry timber from where it is harvested in the forest to a roadside landing, where an over-the-road logging truck can then transport it to the mill. While they were conversing, the operator said “watch this” as he proceeded to rotate the machine’s seat and lower one of the two armrests. According to Randy the machines display monitor lit up like a “Christmas tree” with warning lights, but then returned to normal as the operator reversed the process.

Like many of John Deere’s machines today, this machine has hundreds of electrical wires running through it to control the hydraulic functions; which allow the machine to work and travel. Randy reviewed several error codes that had appeared on the display, and then utilized JDLink™ to verify that the problem had been occurring infrequently for several weeks. The operator was amazed as Randy showed him the JDLink information, and reviewed how an apparent break in a portion of the machines electrical harness was causing the issue. Randy provided his branch’s service department the part number of the harness which needed to be replaced, as they were already scheduled to make a trip to the machine.

Now an MMS, Randy has used his experience to create a Machine Health Prescription (MHP) that he can deploy to the PSTR teams, whenever these exact symptoms are captured by JDLink. “I’ve been able to use this MHP on multiple occasions to minimize our customers’ downtime,” reported Kwapick. Our PSTR and MMS technology positions are the bridge between technological advances in our industry and our customers. At Nortrax, the only thing more fulfilling than solving a customer’s problem, is preventing it in the first place. We Stand Ready.