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William A. Day, Jr. & Sons
William Day Sr. started the business in 1947 and now his grandsons, shown left to right, Scott W. Day Vice President/Owner, Brent A. Day, president and owner, and Brian J. Day, secretary and owner, carry on the family tradition.

A Brand New Day

For Porter, Maine-based William A. Day, Jr. & Sons, family and business are one in the same. Patriarch, William, Sr., began in the forestry products industry in 1947 and successfully ran the business for more than 30 years until William, Jr. took over upon his retirement in 1974. Currently in its third generation, the business continues to expand and diversify with William, Sr.’s grandsons at the helm.

Brent Day, current president and owner, joined the business full-time directly out of high school. He was determined to pick up where his father left off. During the next few years, Brent expanded the company by adding an additional woods crew. Brent’s brother, Scott, co-owner and vice president, had owned his own trucking business and decided to incorporate his business with the family logging business. The brothers found they made a good team and by 2008, they purchased the entire business from their father. Brent’s wife, Diane, joined in to manage the office at this time as well. Soon, the youngest brother, Brian, now secretary and owner, joined the team after a career in welding. Ever expanding, in 2015, the company added to its firewood processing facility by purchasing a kiln to dry firewood along with the green and seasoned lumber that the company sells wholesale and to private homeowners.

With the focus of the three brothers and a solid team of employees, William A. Day, Jr. & Sons has grown to four logging crews (including a cut-to-length operation) and 15trucks. Each member of the company is a full-time company ambassador who takes pride in what they do and knows that the only way they will continue to grow is to do right by their clients. “It’s almost as if we all share the same last name,” joked Brent.

That quality-work philosophy carries over to the equipment the company chooses to run. Currently, John Deere comprises 32 percent of the company’s fleet. “We like the dependability, durability, and performance of John Deere’s equipment,” said Brent. “Nortrax’s willingness to work with us is part of what keeps us working with them,” he explained. “They keep their inventory stocked, we enjoy the staff they have on their team, and we appreciate that they will do what it takes to get, and keep, us going.” And Brent is an integral part of what makes John Deere equipment great as an instrumental part of the M-Series Customer Advocate Group.“

"Like we were when we started, we’re dedicated to sustainable wood harvesting practices so we can preserve and protect one of the most incredible things about Maine—the beauty of our land,” said Brent. “We are technologically advanced and always evolving but our logging traditions mean a lot to us and while the equipment we use may change from time to time, the way we go about doing business never does. We play a fair game. Always have, always will.”

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