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Timberwolf Logging
Chris Crowe, Timberwolf Logging, LLC., Littleton, New Hampshire,
never saw anything in his future other than logging

Chris Crowe and family hit the ground running with Timberwolf Logging

Chris Crowe, founder of Timberwolf Logging in Littleton, New Hampshire, graduated high school in 1985 at age 17 and knew immediately that there was nothing he wanted more than a career in logging; it was just the way he was raised.

It all began when Chris’s father, Luther, was a trucker hauling for Franconia Paper Co. in Lincoln, New Hampshire. After the paper mill shut its doors in 1971, Luther purchased the equipment from the woods department and became a logging contractor overnight. He continued to log into his 70s when he decided to downsize and became a trucking sole proprietor. At the age of 82, he continues to haul for Chris with his 1993 V8 Superliner.

Chris was always involved in the family business and on his twelfth birthday, his father gave him a splitting maul so he could move away from splitting wood with a sledge hammer and wedge. Naturally, production increased, teaching Chris that the right equipment makes all the difference. Through the years, Chris split and delivered firewood locally, bunched 4- and 8-foot wood, loaded trucks with a 180 Prentice loader, and in high school, ran a cable skidder for his father’s business. Upon his graduation, Chris’s father gave him two choices, “Work for me or go on your own – no partners.”

Shortly thereafter, in December 1986, Chris ventured out on his own by purchasing a 1986 John Deere 640D cable skidder. The first winter he worked as a subcontractor for his father. He then purchased a 10-wheeler to use as a dump/ log truck in 1987. Because Chris was running the cable skidder himself, he hired a log truck driver. He purchased a second truck two years later. That same year as his business grew; he also purchased a second 640 cable skidder and hired his first employee, Jeff Towle, who continues to work as the sawyer for Chris’s other company, Go Green Wood Products.

At just 22-years-old, Chris was running his own company, completing jobs for himself, and even won a contract with James River (a difficult task for the time).

As time passed, jobs evolved, and Chris progressed to a mechanized crew. His first purchase was a 493D Barsaw feller buncher followed by a 648D grapple. Through the years, he has used Cat grapples, Timbco feller Bunchers, Hood slashers, Morbark chippers, and tried cut-to-length logging. Around 2004, Chris began switching to mostly John Deere forestry equipment with the purchase of a 648 G-III Skidder.

“John Deere is our choice because they stand behind their equipment. Nortrax parts and service people are knowledgeable and they care about us and our business,” Chris said.

“Our Nortrax salesman goes above and beyond to get deals done and make things happen. The parts guys are always great to work with… knowledgeable and accommodating. The service team is always going out of their way to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. Mechanics at other Nortrax branches have even helped us out. So, the combination of people makes it easier to do business,” he elaborated.

Timberwolf’s current fleet of John Deere equipment includes the following machines:

• 244J Wheel Loader
• 544B Wheel Loader
• Two 624J Wheel Loaders
• 700H Crawler Dozer
• 590 Excavator
• 160D Excavator
• 350D Excavator with 624C Waratah head
• 648G-III Skidder
• 748G-III Skidder
• Two 648H Skidders
• 753J Feller Buncher
• 853K Feller Buncher

“Our John Deere equipment comprises 100 percent of our mechanized logging operation and approximately 75 percent of our entire fleet,” said Chris.

Timberwolf continues to expand and has branched out into excavation, residential, commercial, and road building. The company bids jobs for the government which include extensive road building, including bridge building. Chris also opened a new sawmill/drilling operation which builds crane mats for construction projects, the only one in New Hampshire at this time.

“We are extremely fortunate with our employees,” Chris explained. “They are an experienced woods crew. We have four father/ son combinations besides me and my son, Ryan. He started running a grapple skidder for me on weekends and vacations way back in high school. In 2007, he started with me full-time and now he operates our 753J Feller Buncher with FR21B hot saw.” In fact, Chris’s entire family can be counted as employees. His daughters, Jessica, Katelyn, and Morgan, have all spent time in the office, as parts runners, or doing other odd jobs as needed. Chris continued, “Our employees are the key to our success. We are very lucky that they care about the job they do and are very professional.”

In 1998, the company acquired a huge asset in Rebecca, Chris’s wife. Rebecca became assistant manager, presiding over payroll, stumpage, registrations, permitting, insurance, and billing. At one time she even ran a skidder, forwarder, and delimber to help out when needed. She goes above and beyond her duties to help the employees with all sorts of personal requests. In her early 20s, she worked her way up in banking, eventually making bank manager, so she has the perfect background to handle the assistant manager role. Chris and all the employees know things wouldn’t run as smoothly without Rebecca in the office always smiling and willing to help.

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