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Steve Anderson Forest Products: A spin-off that keeps the family tradition moving

As anyone living in the Midwestern United States knows, weather conditions are constantly changing. You may wake up to a day that is 60 degrees and sunny and end with a day that is 30 degrees and cloudy. These weather events are especially interesting for loggers as weather and ground conditions always play a part in the logging process.

Steve Anderson, owner of Steve Anderson Forest Products, LLC in Felch, Michigan, knows this all too well. Steve’s entire family is in the logging business. His father, Mark Anderson, started MVA Enterprises in 1981; and his brothers, David and Jim, and bother-in-law, Chad Hord, all own and operate harvesters and subcontract for MVA Enterprises.

Picking up the family business
Fifteen-year-old, Steve began skidding for his father. After attending high school, he thought he would move away from the family business in the trees and attend Northern Michigan University for a teaching degree.

But the call of the woods was too strong and he soon decided that the family business was where he belonged. He went to work for his father as a full-time forwarder operator when he turned 21. After four years in a forwarder, Steve made the switch to operating a harvester.

Branching out While
Steve enjoyed operating equipment for his father’s business, he soon decided to venture out on his own. He purchased one of his fathers harvester’s when he was 30. And 4 years later purchased his first 1270E John Deere Harvester. He has been a subcontractor for his father ever since, with his wife Fawn at his side in his newly formed family business.

“I really enjoy the cab comfort and quiet,” said Steve. “The boom reach is really good and the H480C four-roller head is very accurate with diameter and log lengths.” He also mentioned that he knows he can rely on his machine to be there when he needs it and Nortrax is part of that excellent uptime.

“The overall knowledge of Nortrax employees, from service, parts, training and sales, is incredible,” Steve explained. “I feel I can make a call to anyone at Nortrax and have my questions answered.” He also said that he never needs to worry about parts availability because he knows that Nortrax has his back.

“Being located in Felch, we are positioned in the middle of all the major mills in the area which makes logging very competitive,” he noted. “I believe that by owning a John Deere 1270E and having Nortrax there to keep my machine running gives me an advantage over the competition.”

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