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Roy Amey, president of Roy & Laurel Amey, Inc. really likes his Deere 644K Hybrid because of its fuel economy and lever steering.

42 Years of Beautifying New Hampshire

Roy & Laurel Amey, Inc., a logging company based in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, began in 1974 with one used Mack truck and a wooden stake pulp trailer. They had only been in business a few months when Roy and his fully loaded truck and trailer were run off the road by a motorcycle. Roy was hurt slightly but the truck was totaled. Sadly, the motorcyclist left the scene of the accident without stopping. Roy and Laurel were determined to make their business a success despite the setback. They purchased another used truck and after thirteen broken rear-ends they purchased their first new Western Star truck in 1978. In the early 1980’s, Roy had to have back surgery so they hired a driver to keep the business going. Unfortunately, the truck went off the woods road and suffered extensive damages.

Slowly, changes took place and the company grew. Roy bought a log loader and purchased wood from many small local jobbers. Eventually, they started hauling powdered cement from Quebec City to their newly constructed yard at their present location. By the late 1990’s, Roy and Laurel’s business grew to eleven trucks, a 624H wheel loader and a tub grinder. When the construction industry hit a low in 1997, they changed their business plan again and began grinding raw bark mulch. They bring in the raw material, grind it and ship it all over New England. Roy also goes to various clients in the spring to grind their raw material.

Roy and Laurel built a log yard in 1999 and have experienced steady growth since. Today the business focuses on turning raw bark into several types of bark mulch which is then sold to landscaping companies throughout New England. Saw dust is marketed to farmers while chips, saw logs and Christmas trees are delivered to Canada and as far south as Virginia. Roy & Laurel have several hard working dedicated employees: Keith Joyce, 21 years, Gary Ladd, 14 years, Seth Gray, 7 years and Coco & Brian Amey.

With Deere equipment being a large part of the operation, the company currently owns the following:

  • 644K Hybrid Wheel Loader
  • 624H Wheel Loader
  • 744J Wheel Loader
  • 160G Excavator
  • 325 Skid Steer
  • 450C Crawler Dozer
  • 310SJ Backhoe
  • Four log loaders with Deere engines

Roy strongly feels that John Deere equipment is operator friendly. “They have comfortable seats, good visibility and the hydraulics are very strong and well metered,” he explained. “I really like the 644K Hybrid lever steering and fuel economy. The Nortrax folks are very helpful,” Roy said. “Our salesman, road service, and the Nortrax product support people who help my mechanic when he calls, really keep us up and running to get the job done.”

Though logging has long been a part of their lives, it isn’t their entire life. Roy and Laurel are truly linked to the land because when the family isn’t making mulch, they run a farm that has a goat, two horses, hens to sell eggs and beef cattle. Keeping up their farm for the next generation is one way they preserve their rural heritage. Others include restoring the town’s 1897 schoolhouse and collecting farming tools and artifacts to create a museum of sorts in their barn. Roy and Laurel have ensured that their land, too, will be conserved for generations to come.

Interesting fact: Roy and Laurel’s properties are located on the Indian Stream Republic which from 1832 to 1835 was an independent nation.

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