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In 1988, Richard and Gayla McLucas started their business with their first truck, a 1986 Paystar, and the rest is history.

Generations of Logging in Their Background

In 1988 from a backyard shed and with a single truck, Richard and Gayla McLucas set out on a self-employed venture. Little did they know their vision would develop into a successful business that would later employ two generations of family members, include two locations, and ownership of more trucks and logging equipment than they ever dreamed possible. But, just a year into the venture, backed by hard work and determination, Richard incorporated the business. By 1991 he added a second truck, and in 1992 he built a commercial garage in Porter, Maine for the expanding business.

A decade later, R.C. McLucas Trucking, Inc. bought out a company called Bickford Chipping and thus launched the logging part of their company. They became Master Loggers and CLP certified in 2005. In 2010, Richard and Gayla’s son Shaun, started a logging crew and is a slasher operator in the western mountains of Rangley, Maine. Currently R.C. McLucas Trucking, Inc. is running two logging crews as well as a cut-to-length crew in Stratton, Maine and three chip crews that work out of the Porter location. Porter is a very small town that sits on the Maine and New Hampshire state line and is convenient to mills and holding yards in the area. In 2016, to keep up with the growth, a second commercial building was built in Stratton. The two locations have proved to be a unique part of their business by providing diversification to support the different markets that they support.

R.C. McLucas Trucking, Inc. now primarily focuses on safe and reliable forest harvesting for landowners with selective and clear-cut logging as well as trucking for a vast array of forestry products from chips to firewood. The business is completely family owned and operated with many family members involved in the success. Richard is President, Gayla is Treasurer, and their daughter, Jenilee Barsanti, is secretary. Her husband, Phil, is involved in firewood processing and is a truck driver. Shaun McLucas is Vice-President, and Shaun’s wife, Brittany, is the secretary at the Stratton location.

The McLucas’ can boast a huge array of equipment that they use in their diverse business. In addition to a fleet of 21 trucks, they run log loaders, slashers, skidders, bunchers and processors, forwarders, delimbers, chippers, small tractors and plenty of trailers. They own many John Deere machines including five 648H skidders, and two 848H skidders, new 648L, 748L and 848L skidders, and two 853M tracked feller bunchers.

The McLucas’ say that overall their John Deere equipment is more reliable. If they do experience breakdowns, their John Deere dealer, Nortrax, located in Westbrook, Maine, has good parts availability and a great service team to get them back up and running as quickly as possible. “We would like to give special thanks to Nortrax field service technicians, Bill Butler and Jason Chasse. Both have been around a long time and have provided us with great service. Plus, the Nortrax sales team has our backs and have been very accommodating with having equipment for us to use when ours is down,” commented Jenilee. The McLucas’ also experience good speed and power with their John Deere feller bunchers and are extremely pleased with the visibility and comfort of the cab in their new John Deere 748L skidder.

Richard McLucas is the third generation of loggers in his family. His grandfather, Kenneth Libby, started logging with horses. As logging progressed, he and his son, Everett Libby, used a crawler in the woods. Richard attributes his success to the work ethic he learned from his Uncle Everett. From that single truck 30 years ago, Richard and Gayla have grown a diverse business that services a variety of mills with their fleet of trucks, and helping landowners and foresters with safe forest harvesting throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Now, Richard is proud to see his children, Jenilee and Shaun join the business as the fourth generation to find success in the logging industry.

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