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The Magoon Logging team (L to R) : Dan Farmer, Matt Magoon, Jamie Magoon, and Marcel Biron.

Doing The Right Thing

Magoon Logging LLC in Loudon, New Hampshire, might be a small operation with just three employees, but they are making an impact on the forest industry in the greater New Hampshire area. Matt Magoon and his wife Jamie own the business and believe strongly in sustainable harvesting and doing what’s right by landowners. Matt goes as far as to take new customers to current properties that he is harvesting. He shows them his process of harvesting for the future, crediting the “piggy bank” philosophy. Matt explains to landowners that their property, if managed correctly, can provide profitable harvests indefinitely. But, this can only be done with the responsible logging practices that he implements.

Matt has a keen knowledge of the industry and prides himself on being abreast of trends and technologies that are developing. He carefully watches the veneer, sawlog, pulp and chip markets to plan his future. Magoon Logging LLC specializes in minimizing forest disruption. His efforts have not gone unnoticed. Just this past May, the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA) awarded Matt and Jamie the 2017 New Hampshire Outstanding Timber Harvester of the year award. “It’s an honor to be recognized for doing the right thing,” Matt commented “To be honest, there’s not a lot of glory in running a good business and working hard for your customers and your family.” Matt also provides his insights and serves as the Vice Chairman for the New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Council.

Currently, Magoon Logging LLC is running about 50% John Deere equipment with two Deere 648H skidders, one 843J feller buncher, and two whole tree Morbark Chippers. Matt prides himself on keeping his machines in tip-top shape and praises the John Deere equipment for its ease of maintenance. Some of the things that sold him on John Deere in the first place, were the easy access to filters and grease points that help ease his daily maintenance. “In my opinion, the ease of maintenance puts John Deere way ahead of everybody else,” said Matt. He also complimented the Nortrax team in Pembroke for their customer service, product support and the good business relationship they have maintained over the years.

Matt truly enjoys spending time with his family, and proper tree harvesting of the beautiful forests that surround the largest lake in New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee, is important to him for many reasons. He grew up here, and still lives here today with his wife and children. He gets emotional when he spots over harvesting and mismanaged land.

Magoon Logging has a proven track record with a commitment to logging and managing land that has received recognition. Anyone who comes in contact with Matt and Jamie will immediately see their passion and can rest assured they have the best interest of landowners, as well as the future of properly managed forests, at the heart of all they do.

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