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Lyndaker Timber Harvesting, LLC.

  Winter in New York can be a rough season; so it takes someone with a true passion to start a business during these months. Such can be said of David Lyndaker, who started Lyndaker Timber Harvesting, LLC., in Castorland more than 40 years ago while working with his father in the woods. Logging continues in the family bloodline, as now David and his wife, Anita, along with their children, Matt, Wade, Travis and Cody all have a part in the family business.

  David’s family grew up on a farm but logging is how they spent their winter months. David purchased his first skidder when he was 21 years old, a John Deere 540A. This purchase began his logging career. David’s brothers are all in the logging business as well, and play a key role in Castorland’s logging economy.

  Lyndaker Timber Harvesting’s focus is on best timber utilization or getting the right part of the tree to the right market. The company is fairly self-sufficient and can go from the beginning of the job to the end – from road building, timber harvesting, post-harvest clean up, and supplying fuel chips, clean chips, logs, and grindings to the timber markets. They primarily harvest timber in the Adirondack Park, the largest park in the contiguous United States and the largest national historic landmark. This comes with an extreme harvesting condition due to the rocky and steep terrain.

  As one would expect, harvesting in the park comes with significant restrictions and strict rules to follow on timber management and harvesting making it a very difficult location in which to work. Due to the size of the park - approximately 6 million acres - travel to job sites can be significantly longer than in other areas, sometimes up to two hours one way.

  Because of the distance to the job sites and travel time, the fuel efficiency of their John Deere equipment is of the utmost importance. “We are big fans of our 848H Skidders because of their favorable ground displacement and speed on the ground compared to the competition,” said Wade Lyndaker. Deere represents at least 50 percent of the company’s fleet. They currently own eight Deere skidders, two Deere excavators, a dozer, a wheel loader, and a Deere 2054 Stroke Delimber. “We find that John Deere really meets our needs and the fact that Nortrax is local and easy to access is a big plus,” Wade said. “They stock parts and work with us when any of our equipment needs repair. We’re very happy with the support they provide.”

  Along with John Deere and Nortrax, the rest of the Lyndaker Timber team really does function as family. “Everyone is key and important,” said Wade. “If any one person fails to do their job and do it well, the entire crew suffers. From the feller buncher operators to the skidder operators and everyone else, if someone is missing, the whole production shuts down.”

  And working with the Lyndaker family has its benefits. They don’t work on Sunday because of their strong faith in God. They believe that it is because of their faith and commitment that their business has been blessed in the ways it has. They are actively involved in their local church congregation and are very family oriented leading them to be flexible with their employees to make sure they are able to nurture a healthy family life. As the Lyndakers have shown, family is everything.

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