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JOB Rentals and Sales

Nortrax helps JOB serve the needs of a thriving industry

  What happens when a large rental house buys out a company and no longer offers heavy equipment rentals? A couple of high school buddies, Todd Mix (President) and Kenny Acton (Vice President) step in and start up JOB Rentals and Sales, LLC in Jeffersonville, Indiana to fill the niche.

  JOB formed in 2001 to provide equipment for rental to underserved highway, commercial development, and other contractors needing heavy equipment. The business opened its doors in August of 2001. “Yes, one month before 9/11,” said Todd. “It was not the best time to start a rental business but we survived and steadily grew. By 2008, we had approximately $12,000,000 worth of equipment.”

  The company originally rented mostly CAT equipment but decided to transition to a better mix and opted for John Deere. “Nortrax and John Deere is our first choice on construction equipment,” explained Todd. “Caterpillar used to be the customer’s choice but that has changed significantly in recent years.”

  In the last two years, JOB has purchased the following John Deere equipment:
  • One 700K Crawler Dozer
  • Four 750J Crawler Dozers
  • One 850K Crawler Dozer
  • Two 250G Excavators
  • One 270D Excavator

  These models join the other John Deere equipment in their fleet which is currently 30 percent (this is a 10 percent jump from three years ago). “John Deere makes an excellent product in all models. For some of our rental customers, it is a preference.” said Todd. “We have had excellent success with the John Deere dozers and excavators.”

  Todd continued, “Nortrax has an excellent program for the independent rental companies and they treat us like a customer and not a competitor. We also rent from Nortrax when needed. We get excellent sales support from Nortrax,” he said. “They work very well with us to understand our needs and provide solutions to get the right equipment that best fits our business. All though we prefer to pay cash Nortrax has always provided several different lease options and retail note finance options.”

  On the product support side of the business, Todd explained that Nortrax provides excellent service on the products and always is there when needed. “They have done an excellent job with JDLink™ training and we are very in tune with JDLink as this plays a vital role in monitoring our machines on a daily basis,” he said. “Nortrax works well with Jonathon Pardue, our parts manager, to make sure we have the right parts and product support when needed and on time.”

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