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Hoekstra Logging

There’s something to be said for making a living in the town in which you were born and raised. There’s a sense of loyalty and pride that comes from working the same land you played on as a child. You’re more vested in the town’s success and when you own your own business in that town, you are part of that success.

Such is the case with Hoekstra Logging, owned by Pete and Colleen Hoekstra and their son, Jarad. Pete has been farming in the town of Wittenberg, Wisconsin, since 1981 with one of his employees, Art Krolow, who now runs a forwarder with his logging business. The Hoekstra family still owns the farm, now called a Century Farm after being in business for more than 100 years, and has taken it from a dairy operation to growing cash crops of corn and beans. But that’s just a side business for the family.

The real family affair is Hoekstra Logging. Pete and Jarad (who joined the company in 2000), along with Art, are the in-the-woods crew of the business while Colleen is the bookkeeper. Hoeskstra does a great majority of their logging on a contract basis for NewPage Corporation, headquartered out of Miamisburg, Ohio, and the wood is trucked to the company’s paper mills in the Wisconsin Rapids area.

Hoekstra cuts almost all hardwood, including maple, birch, oak, and basswood. They do cut some softwood (pine) in the spring.

The family has a long history with John Deere and Nortrax. In 1993, they purchased a John Deere 440A Cable Skidder when they began logging. Two years later, they purchased a 540B Cable Skidder that is still used today. They did mostly hand cutting until 2000 when they purchased their first harvester and forwarder. They progressed with several different cut-to-length machines until they purchased a 1470D Wheeled Harvester in 2013. “The 1470D is economical to own,” Pete said. “We like the fuel consumption and love the H290 head and the controls on the machine.”

Hoekstra sticks with Nortrax and Deere because of the reliability of the product and the service of the dealer. “Nortrax’s service and parts availability is good,” Jarad explained. “If we are in a questionable area for cellphone reception, we can text the parts person at Nortrax and know that the part will be available for us when we need it. Plus, our field service road technician is incredible.”

With the support system of Deere, Nortrax, and the town that they call home; Hoekstra Logging is continuing to thrive and will be around for the next generations.

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