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HHP Inc.
Richard Carrier, owner of HHP Inc. (left) and Ross D’Elia, president (right) focus on timber harvesting,
lumber milling and handling, as well as chipping and pallet construction.

Consistency is Key to Quality

They say necessity is the mother of invention and to the guys at HHP Inc., in Henniker, New Hampshire, the saying holds true. The company was founded in the mid-1960s by two Henniker men who wanted to make and sell pallets. Of course, to make the pallets they needed hardwood stock so they built a sawmill to supply themselves with the necessary timber. Eventually, one partner ran the sawmill while the other ran the pallet company until Richard Carrier and Ross D’Elia purchased and combined the operation in 1989.

Carrier and D’Elia have grown the company to focus on timber harvesting, lumber milling and handling, and chipping and pallet construction; currently specializing in 4/4 Red Oak, 4/4 Ash, hard and soft maple, and Yellow Birch. The northern Red Oak is what buyers are really looking for and HHP is conveniently located in an area where the largest volume of available timber is Red Oak.

In addition, more than $20 million has been invested in the company’s manufacturing facilities since the acquisition. All equipment is state-of-theart and updated regularly to keep HHP at the forefront of the industry. Their fully mechanized logging crew is able to efficiently harvest wood year round with less impact to the surrounding woodlot.

Consistency is the key to HHP’s successful operation. Carrier and D’Elia have taken measures to ensure quality products are leaving the yard by including a paved concrete log yard. The yard is laid out in such a way that the crew is consistently rotating logs, keeping the stock fresh. Logs do not sit out for more than two weeks before being sawn. In the summer they keep about a half-million feet of Red Oak under sprinklers – the secret to turning over white woods quickly.

The company’s John Deere equipment includes 648H and 648L skidders, two 1210E harvesters, and 753J and 853M feller bunchers. They began purchasing Deere with their first 1210E in November 2014. Previously they were primarily a Caterpillar and Komatsu company, but now John Deere Products cover about 50 percent of their fleet.

They love every John Deere model, but are amazed at the comfort and control of the 1210E. Machine fuel economy is especially important to them and they find that Deere products fit the bill. Woods Operation Manager, Mike Barrett, said he enjoys the ease of use with JDLink™; he is able to track production and machine health by computer or phone.

Carrier and D’Elia commented that they like working with Nortrax because they know the company stands behind them. When they need something, they call either their dedicated sales person, or their technician and they know their needs will be fulfilled.

HHP is an National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA)-certified mill and is a member of the NHLA, Hardwood Manufacturers Association, New England Lumber Manufacturers Association, and New England Kiln Drying Association.

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