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Walter & Michelle Chandler (pictured center), owners of Walter E. Chandler Forestry Services LLC, say they are most proud of their family’s hard work and the good living that they all work together as a team to earn.

A Wonderful Place to Grow and Work

Walter Chandler is owner of Walter E. Chandler Forestry Services, LLC in Greenfield, New York. Chandler, who works in upstate New York, says “I love the Adirondacks and grew up in the woods. It’s a great way of life.” Logging has been a part of that life for Chandler for more than 26 years. In fact, Chandler’s business is third generation family owned. His father Lloyd was in the logging business as are his two sons Nick and Walker. His wife Michelle runs the office along with the help of their daughter Brooke.

Chandler and his crew are currently working on 680 acres in Bolton Landing, NY. This property was purchased by Walter Chandler and his business partner Kevin Chandler in 2013.

Chandler believes strongly in the value of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative which promotes all aspects of the forestry industry including foresters, loggers and sawmills, along with the local state and government to ensure a healthy resource for our future. Chandler strongly supports the foresters. “I want our forest to be healthy and profitable for future generations” explains Chandler.

Expanding and Growing

Two of the primary pulp mills in Eastern New York are Finch Paper, LLC and International Paper. “The 2015 expansion of Finch Paper, LLC’s wood yard was exactly the confidence we needed to grow our own business. The improvements that Finch Paper, LLC has made to its wood yard, including accepting longer lengths of pulp wood and other efficiencies have really made it easier on my business. They are taking 8 foot long pulp wood now which allows us to take off the stakes on the log trailer and go to log bunks. We can max out our weight and the wood yard turnaround is a lot faster,” comments Chandler.

He currently runs two John Deere 648H grapple skidders, one John Deere 540G III and a John Deere 450J dozer. “We run Deere because of the productivity, uptime and low daily and operating costs” says Chandler.

He also explained “Nortrax has been an extension of our business in all departments. Sales, Parts and Service have been great partners with us. I’m proud of not only how my family works together but how we are able to incorporate Nortrax as well.”

When he’s not logging, Chandler is still very active in the industry. He sits on the New York State Logger Training Board and was elected New York State Logger of the Year in 2014. Additionally, he is serving his second term as Town Councilman in the town of Greenfield.

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