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Buetow Trucking and Excavating Takes Care of Windemere Township

Just outside the City of Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota, is Windemere Township. Windemere was first organized in the 1880s and is rich with history. Its first school was built in 1889 and is today the town hall. Farming and logging are the predominant industries and thanks to the beautiful lakes in Windemere, seasonal residents bring a strong economy.

Fourteen years ago the township was looking for someone to manage maintenance. Mike Buetow was working for an asphalt company and was ready to strike out on a new adventure. Mike’s goal was to own his own business and this was the perfect opportunity, thus Buetow Trucking and Excavating was born.

Since then, Mike has been in charge of all township maintenance and also does other work when he’s not busy taking care of Windemere. Mike and his employees take pride in making themselves available every day of the week. “Working for the township is a seven-day-a-week job. I take pride in making sure the township residents are being cared for,” Mike said. “Knowing John Deere equipment is so reliable makes it possible to work whenever an emergency arises.”

And Windemere does keep Mike and his employees busy. The Township consists of roughly 50 miles of road. Buetow Trucking and Excavating installs culverts, ditching and shouldering, applies gravel to roads, and, most importantly, removes snow. Outside of the Township, Mike keeps his employees busy year-round digging basements, water and sewers, and doing demolition.

During the busy season, Mike and the Township usually employ around five to seven people. Those employees operate a fleet of John Deere equipment consisting of 190E and 120C Excavators, a 310SG Backhoe, and a 772D Motor Grader which replaced a 772B two years ago.

Mike and his crew’s favorite piece of John Deere equipment is the 772D Motor Grader. “Operator comfort is second to none; being able to run the moldboard with one hand and steer with the other makes it tough to beat,” Mike explained. “A great view and a comfortable cab really make it easier when you’re in for a long day’s work moving snow.”

Mike spoke very highly of Nortrax’s Duluth service department. “Great service with Nortrax makes my job easier knowing we are being taken care of,” he said. “Service always takes the time to troubleshoot and get us up and going in a timely manner. Nortrax Duluth has a great group of people and I consider that we are in business together.”

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