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Andy Levesque in front of his 2012 160G.

A.J. Levesque Excavation

Andy Levesque began working for a residential developerin 2001 with the idea that he would learn the business andeventually purchase the developer’s equipment. To Andy, it was like having an excavation apprenticeship, however,when the year was up and he completed the purchase of the equipment and business, he was on his own.

With a wealth of hard work and integrity, Andy built hisown business, A.J. Levesque Excavation, located in Turner, Maine. He began with a 1998 John Deere 160LC but soonbegan purchasing new Deere equipment and focusing onkeeping his equipment maintained and up-to-date. Hepurchased his first new piece of equipment, a John Deere120, from Nortrax and now has a fleet of John Deere 180GLC,160GLC, 333E, 624K, 450J, and 35D. “I like the hydraulicperformance and production of John Deere equipment,”said Andy. “Because my business is small, I need maximumproduction all the time to be the most profitable.”

Andy went on to say that he values the prompt service atNortrax. “Nortrax treats me like a big customer,” he explained.“They treat me like a VIP.”

With his new equipment and the newly-paid-off equipmentfrom the developer, A.J. Levesque Excavation’s businessbegan thriving. While business was tough during the 2008recession, Andy kept to the same routine of hard work andintegrity while searching for new clientele and businessopportunities to stay busy and profitable. Today he is biggerand busier than he ever thought he would be but has kepthis mindset and attitude the same: hard work and integrity.“I think that over the years I have become a much savvierbusinessman in learning the value of the dollar—spendingit where it brings return, and being frugal when it doesn’t,”Andy said.

Running his own business has brought more than profitto Andy; it brought him a family as well. Andy met his wifeand vice president, Tara, when he hired her as a dump truckdriver. Now they are married and have two children, Anistonand Luke, who will no doubt follow their lead in the familybusiness.

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