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The Nortrax Technician Sponsorship Program gives future and current Heavy Equipment/Diesel school students the ability to gain on-the-job training while completing their college education. Students who are sponsored by Nortrax will also be eligible for tuition reimbursement and tool assistance.

If you are interested in learning more about tech schools in your area, or if you are currently enrolled, please fill out the Nortrax Technician Sponsorship Application and email to

View the sponsorship brochure | Download the application for sponsorship

Student Tech Testimonial


"Back in July, I made contact with the Chippewa Falls branch in hopes that I could possibly get hired on to gain more experience and explore the different sides of the diesel industry. In August I received a call from Amber in regards to a sponsorship/ internship here at Nortrax. I instantly became interested in the program as the opportunity was just too awesome to pass up. After the interview process I was hired on to the branch. I started my first morning at 7am, spent 2 days doing paperwork and getting everything set up with Rod and Jason. The following week I was sent out into the shop to work with the guys doing services, oil changes, used equipment inspections, and whatever else they needed help with. My final week of winter break I worked with Tyler replacing a swing bearing in a 160LC excavator, helped Bob with the engine rebuilding process, and helped Eric with a service on a dozer. With my first month I learned so much about the pieces of equipment that we were working with, whether the guys had only been a tech for 2 years or 20 years each one of them provided me with some kind of useful information and techniques to help me better understand what I was doing. I am definitely looking forward to coming back for summer break!"

-Rebecca Nelson
Student Technician at Chippewa Valley Technical College, Chippewa Falls WI